Wish List -

Outside -
Fence Panels
Metal Roofing
Solar Attic Fan
Sola Tubes
Sky Lights
Solar Water HEater
Solar panels
Permiable Driveway
Crushed Concrete
4X4s (8')
4x4s (10')
4x4's (12')

Inside -
Instant Water Heater
Interior &
French Doors
Light Fixtures
Bath Tubs
Closet System
Sheet Rocks
And much more
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Project "Reclaimed Home"

Presented by Indus Valley Sustainable Living Institute

UPDATE - Due to the paranoia of our neighbors regarding PTSD and some other issues this project was unable to work with Bush Cares Foundation. No volunteers were used, no donated material was used and no Veteran was helped. Though we find this attitude unpatriotic we are honoring our neighbor's wishes. We are still working with Bush Cares to come up with another way to help our veterans. We applaud their efforts to help our country's heroes.

House was finished as a Green and Eco House and we would like to thank our advisory board and everyone else for their guidance and help.

Practical green healthy home renovation of existing home on a budget for everyone

Project –
We will be retrofitting a 1976 house with reclaimed, recycled and diverted landfill
 materials. We will look at multiple choices for each part of the project and will make
decisions based on practicality of each choice.
We will look into alternate choices of existing material instead of expensive new
materials to reduce our over all impact. Using common sense and knowledge we
are going to make this home renovation frugally.

Practical Green Decisions
- Matrix assisted decisions based on budget and environmental impact
Recycling and Repurposing Materials.
- Use existing materials first before harvesting new materials
Knowledge and Wisdom
- Natural plasters & paints as used by cultures all over the world

Breaking Ground
Oct 1st 2010 – No Impact Man Screening in collaboration with Emerging Green Builders
Please see the calander on left for detailed events , workshops and volunteer activities.

How you can Participate 
Volunteer – We need volunteers through out the project. Learn waht it takes to convert existing home into a Green and healthy home. Get hands on experience. Check out the calander for volunteer activities and please sign up below.

Attend Workshops - we will have regular workshops that will use the reclaimed house as an example to teach different aspects of renovating an existing home as a green home. Attendees will receive practical experience and knowledge to attempt their own green renovations.

Offer Your Expertise
– If you are in the industry and would like to be part of
this experimental project you can become part of our “Board of Experts”.

Donate Materials
– If you are a business or an individual who has items you
think we can use in this project please contact us. We are looking for used
building materials, vanities, cabinets etc. We need metal roofing materials,
gutters, urbanite (broken concrete pavement or driveways) crushed
concrete, used fence, Materials for raised beds, stones, nails, screws tools,
and much more

All donated material will be excepted by Reuse Warehouse and each group will be given credit for recycled materials. Reuse warehouse will inturn donated the materials to us when needed.

Project is expected to be finished in early spring. At the finish of the project we
will raffle the opportunity for 5 lucky winners to live for one week in the house as
No Impact Man and show us how its done. Their experience will be documented
and video taped. After a week these people will participate in a forum and share
their experience.

This Green Remodel will be open to public to learn how to be a Frugal
Green. Each contributor will be listed as a project partner.

House will be used as an accommodation space for veterans participating in
PTSD workshops, other sustainable living workshop participants and visiting
instructors at Indus Valley Sustainable Living Institute.

If you would like to be a part of this project please contact us at –

Due to the complaints of our unpatriotic neighbors -
We no longer will be able to help our suffering veterans with place to stay. We will still offer the free ptsd yoga sessions for them just can't provide the place to stay. If you know a veteran in the community who needs help please let us know or pass on our info to them.

Our neighbors Elizabeth Moore, Charles Moore and Kimberly Mobley have decided to sue us for the above mentioned project. Inspite of our assurance that we will not offer the house to the PTSD Veterans.

  •  Oct 2010

  • Indus Valley Sustainable Living Institute

  • is proud to join our sister organizations Houston Green Scene, Emerging Green Professionals, USGBC Gulf Coast Chapter & Last Organic Out Post in  
  • No Impact Experiment - One-week carbon cleanse

  • WHAT: A one-week experiment in living with a lower carbon footprint. It is a chance for you to see what a difference no-impact living can have on your quality of life. It’s not about giving up creature comforts but an opportunity for you to test whether the modern “conveniences” you take for granted are actually making you happier or just eating away at your time and money.

  • WHEN: The No Impact Experiment will start on Sunday, October 10, 2010 at the unveiling of 'Project Reclaimed Home" and 350.org Workday. It will continue following week in line with "GreenWeek Houston" and conclude on Oct 17th with "Houston Green Fest". There will be workshops each evening during the week to help bring the message home.

  • WHERE: NIM expeiment will be happening simultaneously at multiple locations including in The Woodlands at the "Indus Valley Sustainable Living Institute". For our sister locations please see below.

  • HOW:  Sign up below to get started. Once you sign up, we’ll email you your No Impact Experiment guide, which will walk you through each daily challenge. Please put Indus Valley Institute in the group section if you will b joining us for the expriment so we know how many people to expect.


Project Reclaimed Home -
Check out our "Project Reclaimed Home" page to find out how you can participate.

350.org  Work Day -
Join us on Oct 10th for unveiling of Project Reclaimed home and the 350.0rg workparty and start of thr NIM project.

GreenWeek Houston - GreenWeek Houston is a grassroots, week-long celebration focused on community service, climate awareness, sustainable choices, and the merits of mindful, sustainable living. This event is proudly presented by Emerging Professionals of the U.S. Green Building Council Texas Gulf Coast Chapter, Houston Green Scene, and The Last Organic Outpost. Check out www.greenweekhouston.com for nightly workshops where you can come together and share stories, offer support, and inspire each other.
We’d like to invite you to join your fellow Houstonians for the GreenWeek Houston No Impact Experiment. Register below, and please indicate if you would like to attend our workshops.

NIM Experiment Workshop Locations -

Indus Valley Sustainable Living Institute - The Woodlands

Earth Sanctuary - Katy

New Living - Rice Village

Taft Cafe - Montrose

Kirksey - Houston

Caroline Collective - Houston

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