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Indus Valley
Sustainable Living Institute

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Indus Valley Sustainable Living Institute
Eco Educational Wellness Sanctuary

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Our Passion - Sustainability for People. Pets and Planet

Our Mission -
Eco-Literacy to educate our fellow human beings in sustainable living for planet, compassion for animals and healthy life style for humanity.

Our Motto - Live simply so other can simply live.


Founded in 2007 Indus Valley Sustainable Living institute is a first Green Eco Retreat Center & Permaculture Institute in Piney Woods of East Texas. Home to green Yoga studio, Permaculture institute and Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary.

Our goal is to educate people is
"Whole-istic" life style. We believe in inter connectedness of everyone and everything.

When we take care of ourselves we take care of environment, when we take care of environment we take care of ourselves.
We combine Ancient Wisdom with modern scientific knowledge to live sustainable, and healthy life.

We offer classes & Workshops on -
Yoga, Wellness, Cooking, Gardening, Permaculture, Sustainability and Reskilling.

Yoga -
Yoga for Wellness, Re-energizing, Stress Relief, Sinus & allergy, Diabetese,Hyper Tention, PTSD

Cooking -
Farm to Fork, Vegetarian/Vegan cooking for health, Indian Vegetarian Cooking Class series

Gardening -
Organic Gardening, Edible Garden, Ecological Pest Control, Composting,

Reskilling - 
Food - Wild Foraging, Herbal Healing & Body Care, Non Toxic Home Care,

Urban Sustainability -
Urban Solutions for Sustainable Living Class Series
Wild Edibles Food Foraging, Rain Water Harvesting, Solar Cooker Cooking, Edible Gardens, Growing what you Eat, Energy Conservation - Vampire Hunting, Natural Heating & Cooling for your home.

Permaculture -
Permaculture Design Course, Permaculture Certification, Permaculture Advance Certification

 Our Location-

In Good Company - Look at Our Neighbors!

Where is actual Indus Valley & why we named ourseves after it? 
 Indus Valley is a birth place of the oldest continuous surviving civilization known today as Indian civilization. The Indus Valley Civilization developed around the lush environment surrounding the Indus River from about 2500 BCE, though its origins reach back to the Neolithic Period (7000-6000 BCE). The Indus culture was centered around Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, two urban cities separated by 40 miles. Together these cities were populated by some 40,000 inhabitants who enjoyed a high period of technology. This advance civilization gave birth to Vedic sciences (which encompass medicine to astrology). Yoga, Ayurveda and Vastu (Architectural and ecological Science) were discovered and developed here. The first visual clues that Yoga, as we know it, was practiced during this time come from statues and seals that were found in the region during archeological expedition in 1922.
Our institute is named after this cradle of ancient civilization where ancient wisdom, knowledge and science florished and still thriving.
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