Indus Valley
Sustainable Living Institute

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About The Place
Small Foot print, Big Impact

Indus Valley Sustainable Living Institute - home to Indus Valley Yoga studio & day retreat center, Permaculture institute and Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary

Founded in 2007 IVY studio or Yog-Shala is a first Green Eco Retreat Center & Yoga Studio in East Texas.

Our one and a half acre land is designed using Permaculture principles. From the moment you enter the gates you see sustain    
ability in action. From our crushed concrete driveway, organic gardens and gray water sprinkler system to Ike downed tree trunk used as seats for fire pits will welcome you in a healthy environment. We are working on our bike racks to encourage students to ride the bike for the class. Students can relax in front of an outdoor fireplace or any numbers of fountains around the studio. Hammocks welcome tired visitors while birds and wind chimes sing in the soft wind. Outside meditation area help practitioners to let go. 

Our conscious intention of Ahimsa (Non-Violence) towards planet, people and all living beings is the guiding force in founding this place.

Studio itself is located in an energy efficient Passive Solar building.  Wall of glass windows not only let the natural light in but bring the beautiful outdoors in too. Skylights let the sun warm up the space. Energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs bathe the studio in gentle light when needed. No VOC paint means you can breathe easy. Our floors are tiled from tiles that were destined for the land fill. No mold or mildew lingering here. Studio is cleaned using non toxic environmentally friendly cleaners. Our low flow taps and toilets conserve water. Favorite among all visitors is our toilet tank lid sink which uses the water for hand washing (of course with non toxic natural soap) before flushing.

Our mats are made of or traditional woven cotton or natural rubber without any harmful chemicals. Only environmentally friendly personal yoga mats are allowed in the studio. Unhealthy PVC containing yoga mats are not allowed to keep the environment of the studio clean from harmful gases.

Plastic water bottles are not allowed in the studio. We encourage reusable aluminum or stainless steel bottles. Water is provided in glass bottles and ceramic jar at the studio with glass tumblers for drinking.

Our yoga mat recycling program helps disadvantage communities to get introduced to yoga.

Recycling of paper, plastic, and cans is given. Organic waste is recycled in our compost pile.

We share our space with "Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary" a Free range concept where sick and old animals come to recoup or spend their last days in freedom. where young and injured animals come to recoup while waiting to find their New Forever Homes.

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